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Welcome to my site a place for informed consumers or soon to be, to find exceptional educational music software. With everything that is out there it is hard to distinguish between excellent music teaching software and that which is ineffectual. This is because most educational music software companies appeal to your sense of commercialism what it looks like rather then what it does. Often the people who create this software are technicians not musicians. I am first and for most a musician, teacher and composer. I became a programmer out of the necessity to create musically sound software to advance my students progress. I was frustrated by how ineffective the existing commercial software was so I sought to develop my own. It was nothing new but the proven experiences that I had compiled as a teacher into an electric format for the masses. In fact, this knowledge inspired me to learn computer programming. After thousands of lessons I would tell myself there has to be a better way and that better was with the computer.

Today as never before, using the computer with a midi keyboard provides learning advantages not available to previous generations. It is knowing how to integrate these modern tools with traditional teaching methods that can accelerate the learning process. As a piano teacher, my methodology enabled me to frequently get beginner students playing Mozart within a year!  As a musician, I was able to push myself further in a shorter time period as made evident in my recordings in the iTunes Store.   Believe it or not, I was also a late starter.

You can enjoy this success also for yourself or your students if you incorporate the teaching techniques embodied in this software.  In addition to this music software, I also created custom lessons and exercises books to reinforce or augment this teaching philosophy.  I will also be making these teaching materials available on this site.